Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Astronomers discovered helium-burning white-dwarf

A binary star system in which matter flows onto the white dwarf from its companion.

The first stars were not alone

The first quantitative constraint is based on observations of the multiplicity of the first stars.

Webb captures rarely seen prelude to a supernova

A Wolf-Rayet star is a rare prelude to the famous final act of a massive star: the supernova. As one of its first observations...

Astronomers have discovered a supernova exhibiting unprecedented rebrightening

Resurrected supernova provides missing-link.

NASA captured a revolutionary Gamma-Ray Burst

A game-changing cosmic explosion.

Machine learning tools autonomously classify 1000 supernovae

The algorithm helps astronomers sift through discoveries from Zwicky Transient Facility.

Hubble captured a rare ‘light echo’ from a star explosion

On rare occasions, ‘light echoes’ spread out from the original supernova position.

An early warning system for supernovae

Red Alert!

James Webb Space Telescope may have detected its first supernova

It was not there when Hubble looked at the same region.

A star with a complicated past

Embracing a rejected star.

Strange star survived the thermonuclear supernova

It actually became even brighter after a supernova.

A young pulsar is blazing through our galaxy at a speed of over a million miles per hour

It is one of the fastest objects of its kind ever seen.

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