New “game-changing” blood test for stroke detection

It can quickly and accurately identify an aggressive type of stroke.

Illuminating Oxygen’s journey in the brain through a new imaging method

Scientists can now monitor changes in oxygen concentration continuously and in a wide area of the brain.

Benefits of virtual rehab for stroke recovery

Exploring telerehabilitation for better leg recovery after stroke.

Hidden brain changes in heart disease

Imaging guides safer treatment choices.

Atrial fibrillation risk associated with sweetened beverages

Sweetened beverages, genetic factors, and atrial fibrillation

Wearable sticker turns hand movement into messages in real-time

It could help those with disabilities to communicate more easily.

Enhanced arterial connections help in stroke recovery

Leptomeningeal collaterals control blood flow in ischemic strokes and save the brain from ineffective clot removal.

Stroke patients post-surgery are less likely to receive life-saving treatments

Acute ischemic stroke treatment post-cardiac interventions.

Brain hemorrhage treatment improves survival chances

Anticoagulation impact on intracerebral hemorrhage outcomes.

Vibrating gloves help stroke patients in muscle spasm recovery

Vibrotactile stimulation studied for post-stroke spasticity relief.

Moderate radon exposure linked to higher stroke risk

Women's health initiative links radon exposure to stroke risk.

Scientists studying spider venom molecule for heart disease treatment

Spider venom heart drug a step closer.

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