Star formation

First observational evidence that a low-mass star can emit gamma radiation

First observational evidence of gamma-ray emission in young Sun-like stars.

Astronomers discovered forming Quadruple-star system

More intimate, more complex.

A new image of a galaxy cluster revealing distant and dusty objects never seen before

Webb spotlights gravitational arcs in ‘El Gordo’ galaxy cluster.

There is still a role for retired stars in planet formation

Old stars roaming through new star-forming regions could be responsible for a radioactive heat source.

New observations distinguished the sites of star formation and star death

This is the farthest that such structures have been observed.

The most distant active supermassive black hole to date discovered

It is less massive than any other yet identified in the early universe.

A cosmic web 10 galaxies found to exist just 830 million years after the big bang

NASA’s Webb identifies the earliest strands of the cosmic web.

Evidence found for the existence of the amino acid tryptophan in space

The temperature of the tryptophan is about 280 Kelvin, or 7 degrees Celsius.

Star formation erupted in bursts in the early universe

Webb also continues to uncover a bounty of distant, young galaxies.

A pair of infant stars captured bursting from their natal cocoons of dust and gas

Radiant protostars and shadowy clouds clash in stellar nursery.

A galaxy with tendrils

The galaxy lies almost 600 million light-years away in the constellation Sextans.

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