Largest-ever map of the universe’s active supermassive black holes

New “quasar catalog” serves as a 3D history book of the universe.

Webb detected little giants in the deep past

Baby quasars: Growing supermassive black holes.

Hubble sees a galaxy with forbidden light

It has an active galactic nucleus.

PRIYA: a new cosmological simulation model

Supercomputer enables illustration of large-scale structure of universe.

Black holes eat faster than previously expected

A new study is changing the way astrophysicists understand the eating habits of supermassive black holes.

The early universe was running in extremely slow motion

Result confirms time-dilation expectations of Einstein's general relativity.

A cosmic web 10 galaxies found to exist just 830 million years after the big bang

NASA’s Webb identifies the earliest strands of the cosmic web.

An extremely warped supernova discovered

Its light was so warped by the gravity of another galaxy that it appears as multiple images in the sky.

DESI early data release contained nearly two million Galaxies, Quasars, and Stars

First small fraction of gigantic cosmic survey released and now available via DOE’s Berkeley Laboratory with a portion hosted by NOIRLab’s Astro Data Lab

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