Sunday, May 28, 2023


Scientists observed X-ray emission of the most luminous quasar

An X-ray look at the heart of powerful quasars.

Astronomers uncovered the largest cosmic explosion ever witnessed

The explosion is more than ten times brighter than any known supernova.

Astronomers uncovered a closely bound duo of energetic quasars

Astronomers using an array of ground- and space-based telescopes, including Gemini North on Hawai‘i, have uncovered a closely bound duo of energetic quasars —...

Discovery of bubble-blowing relativistic jets at the center of the Teacup galaxy

Study reveals a process that explains the peculiar morphology of the central region of the Teacup galaxy.

Chandra detected a galaxy lonelier than expected

The result may push the limits for how quickly astronomers expect galaxies to grow in the early universe.

Scientists just got to see the innermost parts of the quasar

Peering into the heart of a distant quasar with the Event Horizon Telescope.

Astronomers dig out buried black holes

This result helps give astronomers a more accurate census of black holes in the universe.

Scientists observed the innermost structure of quasar jet

New observations show the deepest parts of the quasar's plasma jet.

Webb revealed the surprising formation of a massive galaxy cluster

Astronomers looking into the early Universe have made a surprising discovery using the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope. Webb's spectroscopic capabilities, combined with its...

Hubble detects a protective shield defending a pair of dwarf galaxies

For billions of years, the Milky Way’s largest satellite galaxies have followed a perilous journey.

Scientists solved the mystery of how the first quasars in the universe formed

The first supermassive black holes were simply a natural consequence of structure formation...

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