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Researchers identify missing element in monsoon forecast model

A group of researchers has identified a missing element that is critical in the forecast of rainfall over central parts of India during the...
New study questions Kerala flood link with climate change

New study questions Kerala flood link with climate change

The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events in India appears to be going up, as projected by various scientific assessments on climate change....
Rainfall accumulations from Aug. 13 to 20, 2018 showed two bands of heavy rain across India. The first band appeared much broader and extends across the northern part of the peninsula with weekly rainfall totals ranging from over 120 mm (~5 inches, in yellow) towards the western half of the peninsula to as much as 350 mm (~14 inches, in dark red) over parts of the eastern half towards the Bay of Bengal. The second band was more concentrated, intense and closely aligned with the southwest coast of India and the Western Ghats. Rainfall totals in this band are generally over 250 mm (~10 inches, in red) with embedded areas exceeding 400 mm (~16 inches, in purple). The maximum estimated value from IMERG in this band was 469 mm (~18.5 inches).

NASA captures Monsoon rains bringing flooding to India

The above average monsoon rains resulted in severe flooding in parts of India. The death toll of Kerala’s worst flood for more than a century...