Sunday, January 29, 2023


Scientists discovered a 17-pound meteorite in Antarctica

Scientists actually returned with five new meteorites, including this one.

Earth might have derived building blocks for life from Meteorites and gamma rays

Determining whether gamma-ray radiation could have contributed to amino acid formation in early meteorites.

Stunning meteoroid impact detected on Mars

The meteoroid excavated boulder-size chunks of ice buried closer to the Martian equator.

Moon asteroid impacts mirrored on Earth, study

Major impact events on Earth were not stand-alone events.

Study offers one more clue to how our Moon was formed

One more clue to the Moon’s origin.

Evidence that giant meteorite impacts formed Earth’s continents

Giant impacts provide a mechanism for fracturing the crust.

Martian meteorites can teach us about Earth’s origins

What do Mars and Iceland have in common?

Asteroids can hold life generating molecules

Researchers successfully identified all five nucleobases of DNA and RNA in meteorites

Confirmed: Meteorite that hit Earth in 2014 was interstellar

It may have left interstellar debris on the seafloor.

Meteorites that form the earth may have formed in the outer solar system

These asteroids formed in distant orbits and may help explain Earth's composition.

Investigating the dynamics of the early solar system

Scientists can deduce the probable events that affected the object and reconstruct a time-lapse.

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