Heat to blame for Space Pebble’s demise

Why do pebbles pulverize after they leave the comet?

Meteorite analysis: Earth’s building blocks contained water

Study combines meteorite data with thermodynamic modeling.

Understanding terrestrial weathering effects on meteorites with Ryugu samples

The Ryugu samples avoided terrestrial alteration.

Early Earth’s nitrogen most likely came from meteorites

Icy micrometeorites: Nitrogen transport to earth.

Mystery solved: Why do certain metallic meteorites show traces of a magnetic field?

Collisions between asteroids might lead to the formation of metal asteroids.

New information about the composition and origins of Mars

Intriguing insights into the liquid core at the center of Mars.

Simple hand magnets erase a meteorite’s magnetic memory

A new study shows that simple hand magnets erase a meteorite’s magnetic memory.

New analysis shows how quickly meteorites can be contaminated by Earth’s atmosphere

Analysis of meteorites can provide insights into the asteroids they come from and how they have formed.

Scientists discovered a 17-pound meteorite in Antarctica

Scientists actually returned with five new meteorites, including this one.

Earth might have derived building blocks for life from Meteorites and gamma rays

Determining whether gamma-ray radiation could have contributed to amino acid formation in early meteorites.

Stunning meteoroid impact detected on Mars

The meteoroid excavated boulder-size chunks of ice buried closer to the Martian equator.

Moon asteroid impacts mirrored on Earth, study

Major impact events on Earth were not stand-alone events.

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