Unusual radio pulses detected from a previously dormant star

Unprecedented behaviour from nearby magnetar.

New clues about mysterious deep space signals

Researchers zoom in on a dead star’s erratic behavior.

AstroSat detected milli-second burst in a new high magnetic field neutron star

Understanding the intriguing extreme astrophysical conditions of magnetars.

Fast radio bursts from distant neutron stars

“Starquakes” could explain mystery signals.

A living star likely to give clues to the mysterious origin of magnetars

Research team identified highly unusual star that may evolve into a magnetar.

NASA captured a revolutionary Gamma-Ray Burst

A game-changing cosmic explosion.

Astronomers spotted a star with a solid surface and no atmosphere

Magnetized dead star likely has a solid surface.

Scientists discovered a strange neutron star that rotates extremely slowly

It is a unique discovery as it resides in the neutron star graveyard.

NASA’s NICER sees extremely hot spots on the surface of a magnetar

NASA's NICER tracks a magnetar's hot spots.

Astronomers spotted never-seen-before behavior from a ‘radio-loud’ magnetar

Never-before seen activity from one of the strongest magnets in the universe.

The best look ever at a giant flare

Brilliant magnetar eruption in the neighboring galaxies could aid search in the Milky Way.

Newly discovered magnetar emits regular pulses of light

J1818.0-1607: Chandra studies extraordinary magnetar.

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