Gamma rays

Unusual radio pulses detected from a previously dormant star

Unprecedented behaviour from nearby magnetar.

Neutron star mergers: New physics signals

With implications for determining the true nature of dark matter.

New clues about mysterious deep space signals

Researchers zoom in on a dead star’s erratic behavior.

Massive space explosion observed creating rare chemical elements

The second-brightest gamma-ray burst ever seen.

Scientists discovered the highest energy gamma-rays ever from a pulsar

H.E.S.S. observatory records 20 tera-electronvolts photons from the Vela pulsar.

NASA’s Swift spots a snacking black hole

Now, with this new ability, it’s doing even more cool science.

New Webb’s observations offer a clue on how a supernova develops over time

Webb reveals new structures within iconic supernova.

First observational evidence that a low-mass star can emit gamma radiation

First observational evidence of gamma-ray emission in young Sun-like stars.

Scientists identify the sun’s highest-energy light source

Sometimes, the best place to hide a secret is in broad daylight. Just ask the sun.

Researchers detected the brightest gamma-ray burst

We expect to see one like this only every 10,000 years or so.

Scientists categorized more than hundreds of Blazers

Testing a theory of supermassive black holes with 100 newly described 'blazars'.

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