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Deep-sea dragonfish with transparent teeth. Photos by David Baillot/UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

What makes the teeth of deep-sea dragonfish transparent?

The dragon fish is a voracious predator of the deep sea with an arsenal of tools to hunt prey and remain concealed. In contrast...
The lanternfish has bioluminescent organs and an increased number of rhodopsin genes. (Image: Zuzana Musilová, Charles University, Prague)

Deep sea fish can see color in darkness

As many as 10 million species may inhabit the deep sea – biodiversity comparable to the world’s richest tropical rainforests. These species are typically...
During the dive, the AUV vehicle is flying 3 meters high over the seabed at 2.2 knots (roughly 4 km per hours) and takes an image every second

Using robots and AI to understand deep sea

Benthic ecosystems are chronically undersampled, particularly in environments >50 m depth. Yet a rising level of anthropogenic threats makes data collection ever more urgent....