Dinosaurs’ range of locomotion made them incredibly adaptable; study

Dinosaurs’ success helped by specialized stance and gait.

200-million-year-old flying reptile discovered in Somerset

The animals either fell or their bones were washed into caves and cracks in the limestone.

Study deciphers the unexpectedly complex history of crocodiles

Scientists are peeling back the layers to find out how the surviving species came to be.

Newly discovered Archosaur species show that the ancestor of Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs was armored

Newly described 235-million-year-old fossil had armored plates above its backbone.

Ancient giant amphibians swam like crocodiles 250 million years ago

Ancient 2m-long amphibians swam like crocodiles long before true crocodiles existed, according to a study published March 29, 2023 in the open-access journal PLOS...

Crocodiles could save us from deadly infections, study

It’s the first time this function has been found in any plant or animal.

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