Sunday, June 4, 2023


Simulation reveals clues to the mechanism behind bursts of high-energy particles

Each experiment consumes about as much energy as it takes to run a 100-watt lightbulb for about a minute.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe uncovered clues about the origins of the solar wind

This finding is helping scientists better understand the 60-year-old mystery.

Scientists discovered web-like plasma structures in the Sun’s middle corona

The findings could lead to a better understanding of the solar wind’s origins.

The largest turbulence simulation reveals the energy flow in astrophysical plasmas

Breakthrough in identifying the puzzling cause.

Unlocking one of the Sun’s most persevering secrets

Catching the dynamic Coronal Web.

Scientists observed a quasi-periodic fast-propagating (QFP) wave train in corona

The images were taken by the LASCO on board the SOHO.

ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft has solved the magnetic switchback mystery

It points towards how their physical formation mechanism might help accelerate the solar wind.

Solar Orbiter shows the Sun like never seen before

The ESA-led mission is providing the most extraordinary insights into the Sun’s magnetic behavior.

Unraveling the dynamics of the solar corona

It can also give a clear picture of the characteristics of CMEs and make their study easier.

ISRO used MOM to study solar corona

A unique opportunity to study solar dynamics.

Scientists solved a 2-decades old paradox in solar physics

Opening up a new window for exploring the elusive magnetic fields of the solar chromosphere.

Which way does the solar wind blow?

Using supercomputers, researchers develop new software for improved space weather prediction.

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