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Brain scans

New scanner gives clearest ever picture of children’s developing brain

This opens up new possibilities for tracking how critical developmental milestones.

New super-resolution imaging technique allows for more detailed brain imaging

A powerful methodology seeking to improve image resolution by exploiting the increased spatial sampling information.

A highly sensitive implant to probe brain physiology

A new miniature NMR implant measures neuronal activity.

Big Data may help get new clues to Alzheimer’s

Despite rapid developments in medicine, early detection of neurodegenerative disorders remains a challenge. Now a group of Indian researchers has sought to apply Big...

Scientists can now predict intelligence from brain scans

If you've ever lied about your IQ to seem more intelligent, it's time to fess up. Scientists can now tell how smart you are...

Faster analysis of medical images

Until now, MRI technique has been used to form pictures of the anatomy and the physiological processes of the body in both health and disease. This...

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