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Scales on moth wings act as excellent sound absorbers

Moth wing-inspired sound absorbing wallpaper in sight after breakthrough.

NASA’s InSight lander recorded the two Largest far side marsquakes to date

Five times stronger than the previous largest event recorded.

Lifelong excess weight almost doubles the risk of womb cancer

This study is the first of its kind to look at the effect of lifelong greater BMI on womb cancer risk.

Insomnia could increase the risk of type 2 diabetes

The study could have vital implications for developing and evaluating strategies that improve sleep habits.

Maternal prenatal smoking may not cause ADHD in children

There appears to be no clear evidence.

Accelerated biological aging may cause bowel cancer, study

They found limited evidence that accelerated epigenetic age is causally linked to other cancer types.

Dinosaur’s butthole described in detail for the 1st time

All-purpose dinosaur opening reconstructed for the first time.

There have been increases in prescribing anti-anxiety medications

Prescribing for anxiety has increased in those aged under 35.

Climate cooling contributed to sulphurous end for the dinosaurs

The gases were ejected into the Earth’s atmosphere after a six-mile-wide asteroid slammed into the planet.

Scientists identified novel brain fear mechanisms

The study offers a potential new drug target for treating anxiety and psychological disorders.

Virac: Simple clinical tool can help diagnose spinal fractures

Assisting medical staff spot vertebral fractures that might otherwise have been missed.

Scientists discovered novel brain fear mechanisms

The study offers a target for anxiety-reducing drugs.

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