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Eye-spot on the hind wing of a Cabbage tree emperor moth (Bunaea alcinoe).

New ultra-thin sound proofing material inspired by Moth wings

Scientists at the University of Bristol are working on a new project, where they are developing an ultra-thin soundproofing material inspired by the tiny...
Unfolded Map from Voynich Manuscript

Voynich Manuscript code cracked by Bristol academic

Since its discovery in 1912, the 15th century Voynich Manuscript has been a mystery and a cult phenomenon. Full of handwriting in an unknown...
School girl

Stress in early life could make people more likely to develop depression

New research by the University of Bristol has found that early life adversity could make an individual more at risk of developing negative thinking,...
New research to explore peer-to-peer ‘free trade’ in excess energy

New research to explore peer-to-peer ‘free trade’ in excess energy

The UK has seen an increase in the uptake of micro-generation, in which individuals or organizations install their own small scale, renewables-based energy generators...
Simulations of skyrmion bags in magnetic materials. Each point represents a direction of the magnet, with white upwards, black downwards and colours around a colour wheel. The bags consist of three vortex-like lumps, which are the skyrmions inside the bag.

Skyrmions could provide next generation data storage

Skyrmionics focuses on harnessing the properties of nanometer-sized structures in magnetic films called skyrmions. These spin on the surface of the magnet like tiny...
Is your child seriously ill?

Is your child seriously ill?

Respiratory infections in children are very common. This is also a common reason that parents take children to see their GP. Parents, for the most...
Breakthrough research using quantum cryptography addresses security in 5G networks

Breakthrough research using quantum cryptography addresses security in 5G networks

Recent advances in software engineering and commodity computing advances have revolutionized the telecommunications industry in the past decade. Different kinds of network communications services...
The figure (Manhattan plot) may be useful as it shows the areas of the genome which are associated with mouth ulcers. Each stream of dots going above the red line indicates an area (or several areas close together) that is associated with mouth ulcers. Credit: University of Bristol

Could genetic breakthrough finally help take the sting out of mouth ulcers?

Mouth ulcers affect up to 25 percent of young adults and a higher proportion of children. In a past study, scientists have demonstrated that...
Life image of Clevosaurus Image credit:Sophie Chambi-Trowell

Undergraduate reconstructs the skulls of two species of ancient reptile

Clevosaurus was a lizard-like reptile, an early representative of an ancient group of reptiles called Rhynchocephalia. It was particularly widespread and diverse, surviving the...