Are You a Super Face Recognizer?


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You might have seen lots of faces that you can’t forget. Naah, Naah!! It’s not about love that the Beatles lyrics indicates. You may be a super face recognizer. That means other people faces saves inside your brain even stranger’s too.

Josh P. Davis, a psychology professor at the University of Greenwich in England said, “he estimates some 1 percent of the population could qualify as super face recognizer.”

Thus, Davis develops a short online test for super recognizer.

Davis said, “If you do very well then you may be a super-recognizer. If you want to know for sure, then you can inquire with his team about additional testing.”

Various studies of super face recognizers to date depend on tiny samples of people anywhere just two individuals to a half-dozen people. For that reason, it’s hard to design too many definitive conclusions about the ability.

Although, some police units in the UK are using people with the ability many of whom Davis has tested personally. It helps them to identify suspects from crime scenes.

According to scientists, the super-recognizing is basically different from memory. It is not a skill that can be sharpened with training, like some aspects of traditional memorization can.

Previously in 1990, researchers identified a region of the brain called the fusiform face area (FFA) that is thought to play a key role in our ability to identify a face.

Some people with damage to that region experience prosopagnosia. Prosopagnosia is a condition that is necessarily the opposite of super recognizing, called or face blindness. Others appear to be born with it.

People with prosopagnosia have difficulties recognizing familiar faces. Sometimes, their own.

In this recent research, scientists analyzed two people who’d competed extensively in memory contests and had even achieved recognition in the Guinness World Book of Records for their memorization abilities. After analyzing, the researcher found the memory champs’ skills was only average.

According to researchers, these findings support the idea that face processing abilities are at least to a certain extent hard-wired.

The online test takes about 5 minutes and is really just a bit of fun. There are 14 trials and you will find out how well you did at the end. If you perform very well then you MAY be a super face recognizer.


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