​NTU Start-up Launches New App : HEY! Shake for Conventional Video Viewing

Moving towards more digital applications in a SMART Nation


Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), have developed a new app that allows viewers to interact with television or video screens. They named this app HEY! shake. According to scientists, this could spell new opportunities for marketers as Singapore moves towards more digital applications in a SMART Nation.

The app converts passive viewers into potential customers for broadcasters, video content providers, movie theatres, and digital advertising screens. If a viewer watches television, he could buy the same outfit or accessories worn by an actor with a single shake of the mobile phone.

The user just needs to shake his phone at a video screen via the app. The app will then bring the users to various online content sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, or the NTU HEY! Magazine, to win prizes.

NTU Associate Provost for Student Life, Professor Kwok Kian Woon, said, “HEY! shake has enhanced the freshman experience of a vibrant campus life at NTU, a living test bed for smart technologies.”

“As a technological university, we walk the talk, by embracing smart technologies. This enhances the everyday lives of our students, faculty, and staff. The new HEY! Shake opens up a new avenue of internal communication via our campus screens, which can inform our students of interesting activities and news.”

The app is also expected to usher in a new era for television and movie theatres. It uses a patent-pending technology called AirSense. Through this, it detects sound patterns encoded in the audio track to recognize which video the user is watching. After that, it connects to the cloud servers to pull related content such as additional videos, websites, or lucky draws.

Mr. Xia, an NTU alumnus, said, “We hope that this ‘Shake Fever’ will continue to spread across the NTU campus and the country, as the technology can be scaled up to all displays screens, such as those at MRT stations, bus stops, movie theatres and even on public transport.”

“As long as there are a display screen and speakers, our technology can work seamlessly.”


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