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Astrophysicist Discovers Fiery, Volcanic Planet 66 Light Years Away from Earth

UC Riverside's astrophysicist, Stephen Kane, has made a groundbreaking discovery. He has found a planet called HD104067.01 that is situated in a star system...

Webb captures the end of planet formation

How much time do planets have to form from a swirling disk of gas and dust around a star?

JWST identified neon signs that offer clues to planet formation

Using the noble gases neon and argon.

Webb image techniques reveal faint features in galaxy NGC 5728

Modern age JWST image development techniques.

NASA’s Chandra offers evidence for at least two explosions tied to the supernova remnant

A new image of 30 Doradus B contains X-rays, optical, and infrared data.

New record holder: Webb identifies tiniest free-floating brown dwarf

Brown dwarfs are sometimes called failed stars, since they form like stars through gravitational collapse, but never gain enough mass to ignite nuclear fusion....

Planets in pristine solar systems also have some orbital tilt

The discovery provides valuable information about early solar system development.

Evaporating planet getting the hiccups, sees Hubble

A young planet whirling around a petulant red dwarf star is changing in unpredictable ways orbit-by-orbit.

Astronomers observed an unusual Jupiter-like planet orbiting a cool red dwarf star

'Marshmallow' World Orbiting a Cool Red Dwarf Star

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