The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Taking pictures of food could be the key to improving people’s diet

Snapping photos of our food isn't just content for our social media feeds.

Eating red meat tied to elevated type 2 diabetes risk

Red meat and type 2 diabetes risk in U.S. cohort study.

Cutting breakfast carbs can help people with type 2 diabetes to manage their diabetes

Low-carb start to the day can help control blood sugars.

Multivitamin improves memory in older adults, study

An inexpensive way to help older adults slow down memory decline.

Eating processed meat is linked to dementia risk

More men than women were diagnosed with dementia in the study population.

Dietary choline is linked to reduced risk of dementia

Moderate egg intake has been associated with better cognitive performance in observational studies.

Dietary cholesterol or egg consumption do not increase the risk of stroke

In the majority of the population, dietary cholesterol affects serum cholesterol levels only a little, and few studies have linked the intake of dietary...

High omega-6 levels can protect against premature death

According to a new study by the University of Eastern Finland, omega-6 fatty acids could protect you against premature death. While securing against death, omega-6...

Feeding Eggs to Infants could Improve Biomarkers Related to Brain Development

Eggs have been consumed throughout human history, but the full potential of this nutritionally complete food has yet to be recognized in many resource-poor...

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