Finding the Best Moisturizer for Treating Eczema in Children

Shaping out the future national treatment guidelines.


Eczema, a condition in which the skin becomes inflamed or irritated affects about 10% to 20% of infants and about 3% of adults. The exact cause of eczema is still unknown.

No matter, its impacts on children and families commonly leads to bad sleep, mood etc. Many care provider recommends moisturizers (emollients) to diagnose the condition when skin gets red and itchy.

As it makes skin dry and itchy, thus mostly doctors recommend lotions and creams for treating Eczema or to keep the skin moist.

Scientists at the Universities of Bristol, Nottingham, and Southampton conducting a study on 520 children. They will compare different types of moisturizers, mainly four most commonly used moisturizers- Aveeno® lotion, Diprobase® cream, Doublebase® gel and Epaderm® ointment.

All recruited children went through GP surgeries. Scientists will ask them using one of the four emollients for at least 4 months. To survey the long haul impacts, there will likewise be follow-up following a year. Parents will also be asked to regularly assess and record their child’s eczema symptoms.

Professor Dr. Matthew Ridd, said, “There are many different types and makes of emollient but hardly any research comparing them. As a result, doctors and nurses are unsure which emollient to try first and prescribing varies from one person to another.”

“This can be confusing and frustrating for families who often try several emollients before they find one that works for their child.”

Currently, there is no treatment available for treating Eczema. Scientists believe that the study will help them find out best and effective commonly prescribed emollients.

Dr. Ridd said, “We hope that the result will help shape future national treatment guidelines. It will also reduce the often ‘hit and miss’ nature of prescribing.”


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