Facebook Messenger Allows For Direct Merchant Sales


We all know facebook messengers allows us to instantly reach people for free. It is the instant messaging service and software application which provides text and voice communication. Integrated with Facebook’s web-based Chat feature, facebook messenger lets users chat with friends both on mobile and on the main website. According to analysis, there are more than 1 billion people using facebook messenger. Now, Facebook has launched a new online payment system. This new online payment system will allow businesses to sell directly to consumers on its Messenger application.

Facebook now filled the biggest hole in its chatbot platform. Messenger bots can accept payments natively without sending users to an external website. The user needs to save their credit card info on Facebook or Messenger. Through this, they can use it to instantly make payments in bots. This is the part of new closed beta the developers can apply for. That means facebook messenger will become as an e-commerce scaffold. This will allow businesses to sell products and services directly to customers in Messenger. For merchants, it will become as simple and short platform to sell their products. The possible benefit of this, business merchants can extend their business online in a very simple and beautiful way.

By the starting of this year, Facebook opened up Messenger to developers to create new applications and “bots” which can interact with users. These bots provide information but consumers who want to purchase something will be directed to an external website.

According to the company, developers have created more than 30,000 bots for Messenger. Furthermore, various developers are working on applications.

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The company said, “We believe the potential for the Messenger platform is large. We continuously trying to invest to make it better for developers to build and create. Additionally, we are also simplifying the payment and checkout experience in order to reduce the overall friction between wanting something and getting it. People can use their payment information already stored on Messenger and Facebook to check out faster in Messenger threads.”

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