Engineers Develop Thoroughly Modern Magnesium Process

Improving the production of Magnesium.


Scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder have patched up a World War II-period process for making magnesium. It requires a large portion of the vitality and produces a small amount of the contamination contrasted with the present driving techniques.

According to scientists, this modern magnesium process could greatly improve production of the strong, lightweight metal that’s used in everything from vehicles and aircraft to dietary supplements and fireworks.

Currently, there are various methods of producing magnesium metal. The most common one is from the ground. This process combines expensive silicon and uses extremely high heat (1200 degrees Celsius). Due to the heat, a chemical reaction occurs that exhibits the magnesium in small batches.

Instead of using this, scientists looked up for a superior way. To address problems in the production process, they swapped cheap, abundant carbon for the silicon reactant. Instead in batches, they also managed to extract magnesium continuously and eliminated the solid waste commonly formed.

Engineers Develop Thoroughly Modern Magnesium Process
A researcher holds up a piece of magnesium. Credit: Big Blue Technologies

Boris Chubukov, a graduate researcher in CU Boulder said, “I’m doing it in the lab; I’m seeing the product and seeing the results. I know the potential is really there.”

Scientists suggest this modern magnesium process could have global economic implications. It could change the equation and save almost a half-million dollars.

Recent Ph.D. graduate Aaron Palumbo said, “In our economic projections, if you built a plant in the U.S., with current energy prices and fair, first-world labor wages and benefits, we could still produce magnesium cheaper than a Chinese product.”

“The U.S. can only begin to ‘bring back manufacturing jobs’ if there is abundant access to cheap raw materials and if we continue to lead in innovative developments in process technology.”

To further develop, test and improve this modern magnesium process, the fledgling company formed a partnership with Nevada Clean Magnesium.

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