Children Who Play Outside More Likely To Protect Nature as Adults


In this industrialized world, everyone has some form of impact on their natural environment. However, the extent to which people negatively impact their environment can absolutely be mitigated through a number of means. So, practicing to protect nature is beneficial for both human and environment. Likewise, asking your kids to play outside is also one of the best ways to protect nature.

Scientists from the University of British Columbia have conducted a survey. They suggest that asking your kids to go outdoors and play is the easiest way to protect nature. The survey showed that the kids who played outside express continuous love towards nature. They prefer it as the first priority to take care of nature.

Assistant Professor, Catherine Broom said, “Developing positive experiences in nature at a young age can influence our attitudes and behaviors towards nature as adults. It is important to study these childhood experiences to develop environmental awareness and action in the next generation.”

During the survey, scientists involved 50 university students between the ages of 18 to 25. Almost all girls volunteers reported that they loved or somewhat loved nature. And 87% boys reported the same.

Similarly, scout guides could efficiently help children develop awareness for protecting nature. It aligns with environmental priorities such as cutting emissions.

School and early childhood classroom activities should connect positive experiences in nature. This also empowers students to take a personal role in protecting the environment by recycling, turning off the lights, and using alternative transportation methods.

Broom said, “Our findings imply that providing positive childhood experiences in nature, such as outdoor school programs, may help to develop care for the environment in adults. However, these may not be sufficient unless programs are building knowledge and self-awareness of environmental stewardship.”

“Students need to learn and have a conscious understanding that the decisions we make each day can influence our environment, such as where we buy our food and how we use Earth’s natural resources.”

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