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AI created by Dodo analyzed 300,000 recipes to create a pizza transcending individual tastes

Dodo Pizza, a Russian-born global pizza delivery franchise, analyzed 300,000 recipes to create a pizza recipe transcending individual tastes.

NASA is launching Solar Orbiter Spacecraft

The spacecraft will observe the Sun's atmosphere up close with high spatial resolution telescopes.

How roots grow hair?

“Smoke detectors” in plants also control the growth of root hair.

Video: Humpback whale swimming in a circular pattern while blowing bubbles

It’s a regular occurrence in the cold blue-green waters of Southeast Alaska.

World’s first artificial womb for humans

Something that could save the lives of millions of babies who die due to premature births.

Hubble Observes New Interstellar Visitor

On 12 October 2019, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope provided astronomers with their best look yet at an interstellar visitor — Comet 2I/Borisov —...


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Everything you wanted to know about the first ever image of a black hole

The Event Horizon Telescope has released the first direct image of a black hole and its neighbourhood. This black hole lurks in the centre of a nearby galaxy called M87. This historic image shows a ring of...

AstroSat discovers new group of stars in globular cluster NGC 2808

The Indian multi-wavelength space observatory AstroSat launched in September 2015 continues to yield exciting results. Using this observatory, astronomers from Thiruvananthapuram and Mumbai have identified a new population of ultraviolet stars in the globular cluster NGC 2808. Globular...