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Genetic variations in the skin can create a natural sunscreen

Vitamin D is the sunshine hormone, and we need bright sunshine on the skin to make it, but variations in our genes...

We can rescue global marine life, study

A new study has found several components of marine ecosystems can be rebuilt if putting efforts to address the causes of their...

Antarctica had rainforests 90 million years ago

Antarctica, which is entirely covered by ice sheets, was home to rainforests, almost 90 million years ago, suggests a new study by...

MedCo: New software to securely transfer data across hospitals

In 2019, scientists in the Laboratory for Data Security (LDS) in EPFL’s School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC), in collaboration with...

How crystals form on surfaces?

In crystallization, atoms or molecules line up in orderly arrays. This is the foundation of many materials that define modern life, including...

First ever heat wave recorded in East Antarctica

In the past, much of East Antarctica has been spared from rapid climate warming due in part to ozone depletion.


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Researchers have developed the wallpaper bio-solar panel

Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic micro-organisms that have been on Earth for billions of years. They are thought to be the primary reason why the Earth’s atmosphere is oxygen rich. Imagine a paper-based, disposable environmental sensor disguised as wallpaper, which...