3D Printed Micro-Needle: A Pain Free Injection


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If you are afraid of injection, then this new technology is for you. With this new technique, the drug will be diffused within the human body at the same time the micro-needles will degrade in the human body. American Researchers have created a micro-needle with of help of 3D printer which is pain-free that could deliver medicine/drugs into your body. It offers a very promising solution and could eventually do away with painful, fear inducing injections entered. Researcher’s said, “This bio-material Micro-needle has a specification that it dissolves inside the human body.” It could be used as a medicine/drug over skin cancer and other serious diseases.  JaeWon Choi scientist from Akron university, Ohio said, “It was very difficult to make this technology because it contains some non-printable solvents and drugs.” these researcher produced drug loaded array in which each array consist of 25 poly (propylene fumarate) microneedles and each needle has a tip and base diameter of 20 mm and 200 mm. the needles were then tested and shown they would likely be submitted to when into the inserted body.

  • This 3D printed micro- needle has no more than 1 mm high.
  • This array was fabricated using micro-Stereo lithography and adapted it to print on a much smaller scale.
  • There is the implication that the process is still being researched on, some of the areas of improvement.
  • This platform has been started by Parveen Kumar Chadha with the vision that nobody should suffer the way he suffered because of lack and improper health care facilities.
  • Researchers are hoping this technique will be use clinically in next 5 to 10 years. After that, there will no more painful pointy implements needed every time.


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