Zera Food Recycler That Transforms Waste Food Into Fertilizer


We all waste food for different reasons. Approximately, 1.3 billion tons food gets wasted or lost in the overall world. To reduce this waste, the company called Whirpool WLabs have developed a food recycler that converts food waste into fertilizer. This food recycler is known as Zera food recycler. The company noted, it is far more effective to reduce the amount of food waste. With this innovative product, you can get ready to use and homemade fertilizer for your plants.

The product turns a week’s worth of food waste into usable fertilizer in just 24 hours. It is the first ever indoor recycler the US that makes ready-to-use homemade fertilizer within 24 hours.

Senior Director Jennifer Bonuso said, “Zera Food Recycler brings a purposeful innovation to consumer kitchens. It delivers on an increasing demand for more environmentally-driven solutions for the home. We know Americans are looking for easier, more efficient ways to recycle food scraps. The Zera™ system makes that possible. We’re excited to bring this offer to consumers. For that, we think Indiegogo is a great platform to do so. It allowing us to connect with consumers in a new and compelling way.

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The Zera recycler comes in a size of 11*22*33.75 inches. The weight of this recycler is 118.6 pounds. It delivers on an increasing demand for more environmentally-driven solutions for the home.

The food recycler uses a combination of oxygen, moisture, heat to break down one week’s worth of food into fertilizing. It then mixes them to expedite the decomposition process.

According to a study, an average family in the United States produces over 400 pounds of food waste every year, which accounts for an estimated 20 percent of America’s landfills. With Zera™ Food Recycler, families are now able to reduce the food waste that goes to landfills, while also creating sustainable fertilizer for their outdoor lawns and gardens.

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