Young Men are Getting More Out of ‘Bromances’ than Romances

Young men find it more comfortable to open up emotionally to their male friends than to their female lovers.

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Bromance, a term referred as exceptionally tight affection, homosocial male bonding relationship exceeding that of usual friendship. Well, the term coined in the beginning of the 21st century with an expanding receptiveness of western culture to reconsider gender, sexuality, and exclusivity constraints. Now, it has become the reason of concern for women.

According to a new study, men in bromances, dear companionships with other men, are found as satisfying than their romantic relationships with women.

Adam White, research led noted, “The increasingly intimate, emotive, and trusting nature of bromances offers young men a new social space for emotional disclosure.”

The study was conducted by interviewing 30 undergraduate straight men. Each participant was currently being in or having been in at least one same-sex bromance and one opposite-sex romance.

Men reported, they found it easier to open up and express their feelings to their close male friends that the women they are dating. They also argued that bromantic connections were all the more fulfilling in their passionate closeness, contrasted with their hetero sentiments.

Most of the men reported, “They found it much easier to resolve disputes and arguments with their bromances because they found them to be more forgiving. Consequently, they were less guarded in (terms of) personal disclosure.”

This suggests the rise in bromances can be recognized as a progressive development in the relations between men. But, it may also have a negative impact on heterosexual relations.

According to scientists, strong bromances could challenge traditional domestic living arrangements between men and women.