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Xiaomi Unveils Smart Sportswear With Intel Chips Inside

Xiaomi has expanded its portfolio of product offerings and catering to the same. In collaboration with Intel tech., the company has recently launched smart sportswear. This smart shoe is named as 90 Minutes Ultra Smart running shoes.

In real, this smart sportswear is developed by Rumni Technology and powered by Intel Curie chip. The size of this chip is the size of a button, so it has no weight to impose on you.

Like most fitness trackers, Xiaomi’s smart shoe can track movement, elevation, distance covered and store the fitness data. The data is then sent to user’s device wirelessly at the end of the day. It can also detect whether you run, walk or even climb.

Xiaomi Unveils Smart Sportswear With Intel Chips Inside
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Primarily, this smart sportswear has been developed by aiming towards professional runners/athletes. The sole of this shoes is designed in an arch format to give balance along with anti-skid features. It also offers full air cushion for each foot and an antibacterial replaceable insoles.

There is the battery inside the shoes that can last long up to 60 days.

The company is designing this smart sportswear in three different color options i.e., colors are black, blue and pink. The blue edition of this shoes glows in the dark.

As the company reported, the product will be available in the market by April 15 2017.

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