Wipro’s new IoT-based Solution to Power Wind Parks

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Wipro Limited, a leading global information technology, consulting and business process service company revealed about their new IoT-based solution for wind parks and wind turbine manufacturers. The company offering this IoT-based solution especially for those who leverages the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) Windpark Manager 4.0.

HPE’s wind park manager operates wind park environment that is based on operations bridge, Network node Manager, and Business Value Dashboards. The solution controls wind turbines and associated IT infrastructure to optimize operational expenditure. For example, IT applications and security aspects. It then generates new revenue streams and future-proof a customer’s business.

Jayraj Nair, Vice President and Global Head of Internet-of-Things said, “This solution will deliver higher outputs of usable energy while making a positive environmental and societal impact.”

This IoT-based solution consists of robust scalable architecture that helps to cut the operating cost (OPEX) of wind parks. In addition, it boosts the efficiency of wind turbine operations.

Due to its architecture, the solution provides a real-time, executive dashboard. The dashboard allows operators to act faster on critical issues. It also shows key business and IT-related information on wind park operations.

The software scales to IoT dimensions centrally managing geographically distributed wind park operations. It is perfectly designed by considering the size and number of the wind parks.

The key feature of this IoT-based solution is that it can be reconfigured for new operating conditions without distracting ongoing conditions.

Tom Gaugen, VP and GM, IT operations management said “Transforming IT organization from a cost function to a value creator is essential to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced, innovative environment. This solution provides a unique use of HPE Operations Bridge Software. This will help executive to make decisions faster.”

Kiran Desai, the Senior Wise president said, “The solution will help customers (who operate complex multi-tented wind parks) to create unique propositions.”