Wind Turbines To Harness The Power Of Typhoons


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Japanese engineers have developed bumpy wind turbines. It is able to harness the immense powers of typhoons. The turbine takes the advantage of the Magnus effect to safely harness the power of the gale force winds produced in a typhoon.

Currently, the Japan is facing an energy crisis. Thus, it needs almost 84% of its energy.

Atsushi Shimizu, said, “For decades, Japan has brought in European-style wind turbines. They are not designed for typhoon zones and installed with no careful consideration, they’ve broken almost entirely. Typhoons are normally nothing but a disaster.”

Although, scientists can turn devastating forces into energy crises solution. The typhoons could protect incredible power that produces extreme winds.

Reported by Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory, “One storm can produce energy equal to half of the worldwide electrical generating energy.” If Japan is going to power from one storm then it will have energy for next 50 years.”

Although, the storm is famous for destroying wind turbines. But, this new wind turbine will be able to harness lots of wasted power. It has 4 pillars with blades to prevent the wind from one side.

The Magnus effect depends on spinning object’s principle. As the object spins, it creates an area of higher and lower pressure. The direction in which the spinning object moves operates the speed of the air. The side of the object which spins in the direction of the motion manage the air to travel straight backward. Although, on the opposite side of the object, the wind was managed slightly towards the opposite side. Thus, resulting in a net force perpendicular to the motion.

The effect in the new wind turbine is got by joining rotational pillars with fins connected on one side. As the wind blows, one side of the pillar experiences a force perpendicular to the wind. Thus, it causes to spin. It is innovative like every renewable technology. But, it extremely expensive to use in large scale.