Voice mail system migration will guarantee smooth, reliable service

A migration towards the more reliable system.


A movement to another voice mail system influencing all faculty at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base the night of Jan. 17 will guarantee dependable administration for clients and spare support costs, said Lt. Col. Kelly West, 88th Communications Squadron officer.

The move was reported a month back to give base clients time to record any data they require from put away messages.

The relocation won’t spare phone message messages, as existing messages won’t change over to the new framework. Once the switch has occurred, clients will be required to set up another PIN and another welcome.

“The refresh in hardware was important to convey ideal administration”, said Webster Sibley, 88 CS Infrastructure Flight boss.

“The new equipment we have installed is the newest generation and is not subject to the vulnerabilities of the previous generations,” he said. “It will be more reliable and save maintenance dollars.”

“We want our users to have a good system. We were at the point where if we didn’t get a new system in place, the current system would fail and our users would suffer. The 88th Communications Squadron is working very hard to bring our current infrastructure into contemporary times in every facet and this is just one of the many facets that we are working on to improve our network.”

West said, “There are hundreds and hundreds of devices we change out every year. It is all to ensure our customers have a very smooth level of operations for their missions.”

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