Washington University in St. Louis

Largest ice shelf in Antarctica moves once or twice a day

Ice stream activity triggers sudden displacement of Ross Ice Shelf.

Unveiling Earth’s past through 2.5 billion-year-old Pacific rock samples

Pacific rock samples offer a glimpse of an active Earth 2.5 billion years ago.

Neutron star mergers: New physics signals

With implications for determining the true nature of dark matter.

Finding Love? Don’t forget to seek purpose too

New study suggests sense of purpose can make you more attractive

Blowing snow’s impact on Arctic climate change

Arctic warming caused by sea salt aerosols from blowing snow.

A simple inkjet printer can fabricate stretchable LED

A pen stroke can turn perovskite into a light emitter and detector.

Fighting loneliness: how to find purpose and overcome it

Does a sense of purpose protect against Loneliness?

Artificial intelligence could revolutionize baseball

AI could boost the effectiveness of average and below-average major league pitchers.

A new imaging technology may reduce surgeries for rectal cancer patients

This technology will directly reduce the number of unnecessary surgeries for rectal cancer.

Cancer cells penetrate deeply into their environment

Cancer cells have extraordinary abilities that healthy cells do not.

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