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Higher risk of developmental disorders in moderately premature babies

Developmental disorder risk in children born at 32-38 weeks.

Human visual system can ‘trick’ the brain, study

Human eyes really do play 'tricks' on the mind.

Study shed light on the early stages of viral evolution

Scientists studied the structure, assembly and evolution of a "container" composed of a bacterial enzyme.

Visualization of ‘dancing DNA’ inside a cell

First videos to show the helix of dancing DNA developed by scientists.

A sub-atomic particle could solve the mystery of dark matter

Despite many decades of study, the physical origin of 'dark matter' in the Universe remains elusive. Scientists at the University of York, in a new...

Sound of a mummy heard again for the first time in 3,000 years

The sound of a mummified priest has been heard for the first time in 3,000 years, thanks to ingenious research by a team of academics.

Scientists just found the earliest evidence of milk consumption

Researchers have found the earliest direct evidence of milk consumption anywhere in the world in the teeth of prehistoric British farmers.

Scientists have made a precise measurement of the size of the proton

A new electron-based measurement of how far the proton's positive charge extends.

Exceptionally rare fragment of roman bottle discovered by Archaeology student

Peter Moore, a master’s student of University of York discovered an extraordinary fragment from 1800 year old glass fish at the National Trust’s Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestershire.

Study reveals the amazing evolution of the human face

The face: it’s personal, yet universal. It’s how we recognize each other and communicate our emotions—and yet there’s more to it than immediately meets...

A curious crustacean could hold secret to making renewable energy from wood

Studying the gribble, a tiny marine organism that eats wood, has revealed a surprising discovery that may be an important step in the quest...

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