University of Pennsylvania

Breakthrough material enables one-way glass and dark matter model

A kind of metamaterial that has been beyond the reach of existing technologies so far.

First SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations immune response to new virus variants

Immunological imprinting impacts human antibody reaction to SARS-CoV-2 mutations.

New ‘unhackable’ chip enables AI computing at speed of light

The chip can accelerate the processing speed of computers and reduce their energy consumption.

Improving sleep and life quality for memory-impaired without medication

Using scheduled activities to help people with memory problems sleep better.

YAP and TAZ: Potential keys for fetal bone growth

YAP and TAZ: Mechanoregulation in murine bone development.

Cutting-edge AI tool sharpens focus on precision pathology

Integrating spatial transcriptomics and histology for super-resolution tissue inference.

Enhancing CAR T cells for blood cancer treatment

Epitope editing for universal blood cancer immunotherapy.

A scalable ferroelectric transistor for storage and computing

A new FE-FET design that demonstrates record-breaking performances in both computing and memory.

New bacterial species linked to tooth decay

Bacteria found to accelerate tooth decay in children.

A team has found a way to detect neutrino using water

Recent breakthrough in neutrino detection.

Scientists identified a new genetic pathway involved in insomnia

A novel insight that could pave the way for new treatments for insomnia and other sleep-related disorders.

New method to detect oxygen consumption in the brain

The study is the first to demonstrate...

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