University of Michigan

Child care centers not a significant COVID-19 risk, study suggests

Impact of COVID-19 vaccines on SARS-CoV-2 in U.S. child care centers.

Dwarf galaxies use 10-million-year delay in blowing out the gas

Star-forming regions are able to hang on to their gas and dust.

Skin water loss predicts anaphylaxis in food allergy tests

TEWL increase precedes food anaphylaxis and predicts challenge results.

A quasicrystal from nanoparticles using DNA

The breakthrough opens the way for designing and building more complex structures.

The rate at which large cosmic structures grow is slower than predicted

It’s like a fabric loom where one-, two- and three-dimensional collapses look like a sheet.

Warming temperatures increase groundwater depletion rates in India

India's groundwater depletion rates could triple in the coming decades due to the warming climate.

Rare disease’s shared mechanism with cystic fibrosis

Unraveling ER-associated degradation's role in cystinosis pathogenesis and the potential for precision medicine.

Reports of forced intercourse remained high during the pandemic

Young women report higher rates of forced sexual intercourse during pandemic.

The breaking of lithium-ion batteries speeds up the charging of electric vehicles

A neuroscience-inspired technique demonstrates the potential benefits of lithium-ion electrodes.

Early, low-metallicity universe is fundamentally different from our own galaxy

Hubble, U-M astronomers pioneer study of massive stars.

Insulin production: New insights into its biology

A new role for N6-Adenosine methylation in insulin production.

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