University of Geneva

Student preferences: On-campus attendance vs. remote learning

Are online teaching materials emptying out university classrooms?

A fresh look at red giant stars offers key insights into cosmic distance measurements

A way to measure the Universe's expansion with the highest accuracy.

Lipids and diabetes are closely linked, study

The study highlighted the importance of fat in detecting and treating type 2 diabetes.

Study investigates the link between the use of mobile phones and semen quality

A large study covering more than a decade of data.

Understanding how signaling proteins stop inflammation

MKK6-p38α complex: Defining MAPK activation.

Understanding how the cells work: Decoding the “highway code”

Phase separation and its impact on microtubule dynamics in +TIP networks.

Uncovering the source of merging black holes in galaxies like the one we live in

Shedding light on the enigmatic nature of these celestial "beasts".

A new method to observe chemical reactions taking place in liquids

Why urea may have been the gateway to life?

Disorient malaria parasite to prevent harm

UNIGE scientists discover new molecular sensor for malaria parasite infecting humans or mosquitoes.

The pathway of opioid drugs into cellular structures

Opioid drugs penetrate cells, resulting high efficacy and side effects.

Music can help prevent cognitive decline

The positive impacts of musical activities to counteract brain aging.

The unexpected contribution of medieval monks to Volcanology

The UNIGE team has identified the largest eruptions in history by analyzing medieval texts.

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