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Autoimmune link to tooth enamel damage in coeliac disease

Autoimmune amelogenesis imperfecta in APS-1 and coeliac disease patients.

Scientists discovered previously unknown effects of fibroblasts in vascular malformations

The findings can be used in developing treatments for vascular malformations with a fibrous component.

Milestone: A new kind of wave equation for accelerating waves

Accelerating waves shed light on major problems in physics.

Arctic soil methane consumption increases in a drier climate

Well-drained soils remove methane from the atmosphere.

Exercise: A natural remedy for MS fatigue

Physical activity may help reduce fatigue in patients with relapsing-remitting MS.

Vitamin D treatment for five years decreased the risk of atrial fibrillation

Study shows five-year vitamin D supplementation reduces atrial fibrillation risk in older adults.

Eating disorders are mostly observed in elderly population

Eating disorders are psychological situations defined by extreme and continuous disturbances in eating, which is associated with stressful thoughts and emotions. They can affect...

Reduced stress is linked to changes in the profile of plasma metabolites

Psychological stress is known to be related to obesity, low rate aggravation, and metabolic disorders. However, the underlying systems remain poorly comprehended. In the...

New tool to identify sleep stages accurately

This opens up new avenues for the diagnostics and treatment of sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnoea.

Staying active protects children against type 2 diabetes

Good aerobic fitness does not protect against insulin resistance.

Social media can encourage tourists to make more sustainable choices

Social media is often blamed for creating all kinds of pressure. However, not all social media pressures are necessarily bad, as they can encourage us to behave in a manner that is more sustainable than before.

Food waste in tourism is a bigger issue than previously thought

Providing a perspective on food waste by tourists and tourist households.

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