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Exploring shell life species after Earth’s largest extinction

Shell life species not competitors as they adjusted to Earth’s largest extinction.

Political views and welfare attitudes impact obesity perception

Weight stigma, welfare attitudes, and politics in a British survey.

Unveiling how plants evolved over the past billion years

Explore the evolutionary process of plants with this Nature Plants study.

The evolution of kangaroo locomotion

Kangaroos used alternative methods to hop.

Impact of ground-mounted solar photovoltaic sites on bat activity

The activity level of bat species was significantly reduced at solar farm sites.

A Neptune-sized planet denser than steel has been discovered

New giant planet evidence of possible planetary collisions.

Tactile dual-arm robot achieves bimanual tasks using AI

An innovative bimanual robot displays tactile sensitivity close to human-level dexterity using AI.

Extremely rare sea spider fossils are closely related to living species

The modern sea spider had started to diversify by the Jurassic.

Gene therapy offers promise to children battling kidney disease

Gene therapy halts kidney disease in nephrotic syndrome.

Dogs are an essential source of comfort for the homeless people

Homeless individuals and dogs form positive relationships, promoting emotional well-being.

A unique microscopic toolkit for a new generation of bioelectronic devices

Pioneering study signals new era of environment-friendly programmable bioelectronics.

Large Pterosaurs were more nurturing than previously thought

Pterosaur giantism linked to increased parental care.

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