University of Bonn

Long-term memory and an absence of mental imagery

The link between Hippocampal-occipital connection and Aphantasia memory issues.

Discovery of primary body temperature regulator

EPAC1 boosts brown fat growth and beige adipogenesis.

A new possible explanation for the Hubble tension

A solution to one of the great mysteries of cosmology.

New antibiotic targets drug-resistant bacteria

New antibiotic targets immutable bacterial structure.

Blocked cell wall formation prevents bacterial cell division

Antibiotics inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus.

Astronomers discovered helium-burning white-dwarf

A binary star system in which matter flows onto the white dwarf from its companion.

New puzzling discovery challenges Newton’s laws of gravity

Astronomy: Observation puzzles researchers.

One of the Largest animals ever uncovered in the Alps

With the thickest tooth and largest trunk vertebra

Protons are probably actually smaller than previously thought

The study suggests errors in the interpretation of older measurements.

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