Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Scientists uncover missing link in the Chemistry of Life

In a groundbreaking study, scientists have revealed a multibillion-year epic written into the chemistry of life, shedding light on the mysterious origins of life...

A never-before-seen form of Oxygen observed for the first time

Physicists observe Oxygen-28 for the first time.

How does life thrive in extreme conditions?

The genetics of temperature adaptation.

High-power electrostatic actuators to realize artificial muscles

Generating a strong force at a low driving voltage.

An innovative strategy for creating tailored odors and fragrances

Can we use machine learning methods to predict the sensing data of odor mixtures and design new smells?

Could the heat of the Earth’s crust become the ultimate energy source?

Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Sanoh Industrial developed a very stable battery cell that can directly convert heat into electricity, thus finally providing a way for exploiting geothermal energy in a sustainable way.

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