The University of Manchester

Quantum breakthrough: World’s purest silicon pave towards powerful quantum computers

New super-pure silicon chip opens path to powerful quantum computers.

AI assists mathematicians in recognizing new COVID-19 variants

Significant SARS-CoV-2 lineages identified via scalable ML techniques.

Human trial shows safe to develop ‘wonder’ material

This revolutionary nanomaterial could be developed further without acute risk to human health.

Is it a black hole or a neutron star? Mystery object found in our galaxy

Heavier than the neutron stars known and lighter than the lightest black holes.

Puzzle solved: Why graphene is so much more permeable to protons?

Graphene discovery could help generate hydrogen cheaply and sustainably.

Some minor links between systemic inflammation and dementia in future 

UK Biobank data analysis suggests inflammatory biomarkers might help identify risk of dementia.

Scientists report record-high magnetoresistance in graphene

Wonder material graphene claims yet another superlative.

Astronomers developed an AI to communicate their stellar research better

Distilling technical astronomy terminology into simple, understandable English.

Scientists discovered a strange neutron star that rotates extremely slowly

It is a unique discovery as it resides in the neutron star graveyard.

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