SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

An old law still holds for quirky quantum materials

This surprising result is important for understanding unconventional superconductors.

A new phase of high-density, ultra-hot water ice discovered

This phase could form at the right depths.

Getting high-resolution images of individual proteins in cells

Tearing apart a million-dollar microscope – for science.

The chemical mechanism behind silica-coated nanodiamonds revealed

The team unraveled the bonding mechanism.

Computer vision reveals the working of lithium-ion batteries in detail

‘Computer vision’ reveals unprecedented physical and chemical details of how a lithium-ion battery works.

SLAC researchers found a way to increase X-ray laser brightness and power

The long – but not too long – cavity would ping-pong X-ray pulses inside of a particle accelerator facility.

A clever algorithm to improve understanding of particle beams in accelerators

The algorithm pairs ML techniques with beam physics equations to avoid massive data crunching.

Scientists solve mystery behind lithium metal battery failure

They say their findings could have major implications for the electric vehicle industry.

Diamond rain on ice giant planets could be more common than previously thought

Revealing a new path to make nanodiamonds here on Earth.

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