Scripps Research

Scripps Research

Scientists reveal how first cells could have formed on Earth

Understanding how primordial cells emerged during origin of life.

Re-energizing mitochondria to treat Alzheimer’s disease

Scripps Research team restored neuron-to-neuron connections in human cells.

Patient-specific stem cell treatment for Parkinson’s disease

Researchers discover patient-derived cells for Parkinson's disease clinical trials.

The negative impact of alcohol on chronic pain management

Alcohol intake and withdrawal can lead to increased pain and hypersensitivity.

Why are women more likely to get Alzheimer’s?

A clue to the molecular cause of Alzheimer’s.

Study may explain why women are more likely to get Alzheimer’s

A modified immune protein harming brain connections is much more common in the brains of women with Alzheimer’s.

Your brain is actively surveying fat, study

Scientists eavesdrop on the communication between fat and the brain.

Study highlights how organs communicate with each other

Scientists uncovered the proteins involved in key communication networks.

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