Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

Expanded mushroom genomes with versatile adaptability

Independent genome expansion in Mycena s.s. unaffected by plant hosts or substrates.

Impact of low oxygen on brain memory

Regeneration of hippocampal LTP by anoxia via glutamate and nitric oxide.

Unveiling the mysteries of cell division in embryos

They lay a new foundation for elucidating embryonic mitosis.

Revolutionizing gravity-free tech: Novel material propels magnetic levitation

Using graphite, scientists have created a floating platform that requires no external power.

Octopus sleep is surprisingly similar to humans, study

Like humans, octopuses transition between two sleep stages – a quiet stage and an active stage that resembles REM sleep in mammals.

New bio-inspired neural network holds dramatically more memories

What makes a neural network remember?

Scientists have successfully recorded brain activity from freely moving octopuses

Scientists have figured out how to capture brain activity in octopuses.

Study reveal the molecular fingerprint behind beautiful pearls

A high-quality, chromosome-scale genome of pearl oysters.

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