Nagoya University

Nagoya University

Changes in brain neuron shape lead to middle-aged obesity

Melanocortin-4 receptor neuronal cilia shorten with age, contributing to obesity.

AI reveals mysteries of polycrystalline materials

A new method for understanding small defects.

A new method to confirm carbon capture in concrete

Confirming CO2 origins could be useful for emissions trading.

Study presents evidence of previously unknown luminosity in 10 deep-sea species

It takes us deep into the watery world of sea cucumbers and reveals their ability to emit light.

The importance of the Earth’s upper atmosphere in developing large geomagnetic storms

This research may help predict the storms that will have the greatest consequences.

Scientists use AI to develop advanced gastric acid treatment

Creating new drugs with deep learning and gastric proton pump structures.

Targeting TUG1 gene to treat brain tumors and replication stress

TUG1's role in resolving R-loops at microsatellite sites for cancer cell growth.

Three previously unknown proteins offer a new way to diagnose ovarian cancer

A new detection method for identification of ovarian cancer.

Nanosheet technology boosts the energy density of dielectric capacitors

A nanosheet device with the highest energy storage performance yet seen.

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