Friday, March 31, 2023


Flexible working memory is enabled by “spatial computing”

Routine tasks require working memory to remember rules & content for each instance.

A method for creating neural networks that are optimally suited for specific tasks

Machine-learning models can be used to improve fraud detection & spam filtering.

A new protein delivery approach that works in human cells and animals

The programmable system could be used in a range of applications, including gene and cancer therapies.

Strengthening trust in machine-learning models

A "taxonomy of trust" to identify confidence in data analysis.

Concrete could turn into an effective carbon sink using new additives

New carbonation pathways for creating more environmentally friendly concrete.

Novel combination therapy for vancomycin-resistant bacterial infections

The therapy stimulates the immune system to clear bacterial infections.

A design tool to democratize the art of color-changing mosaics

Color-changing cellulose-based designs for data visualization, education and fashion.

Fiber “barcodes” can be used to create durable clothing labels

Reflective fibers could revolutionize textile sorting and recycling.

A new method to boost the speed of online databases

The method accelerates data retrieval in huge databases.

Mix-and-match kit could enable astronauts to build lunar exploration bots

Robotic parts can be used to explore lava tubes or transport solar panels.

A new Traffic cop algorithm helps drones stay on task

he system could help robots inspect buildings or search disaster zones.

Nanotube sensors can detect and distinguish gibberellin plant hormones

The nondestructive nanosensors could have wide applications in agricultural science.

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