Monday, September 26, 2022


New miniature antenna can operate wirelessly inside of a living cell

An intracellular antenna that's compatible with 3D biological systems and can operate wirelessly inside a living cell.

Saturn’s rings and tilt could be the product of an ancient, missing moon

A “grazing encounter” may have smashed the moon to bits to form Saturn’s rings, a new study suggests.

Revealing hidden nanostructures in cells and tissues through a novel way

Separating densely packed molecules before imaging makes them visible for the first time.

New stamp-sized ultrasound stickers that can see inside the body

New stamp-sized ultrasound adhesives produce clear images of the heart, lungs, and other internal organs.

How do neurons build and maintain their capacity to communicate?

Nerve cells regulate and routinely refresh the collection of calcium channels that enable them...

Astronomers detected the long-lasting FRB to date

The clear and periodic pattern of fast radio bursts may originate from a distant neutron star.

Engineers design surfaces that make water boil more efficiently

Systems used in many industries could save energy through these new surface treatments.

A “family” of robust, superconducting graphene structures found

The findings could inform the design of practical superconducting devices.

Electron whirlpools seen for the first time

Long predicted but never observed.

A comfortable, form-fitting fabric that recognizes its wearer’s activities

Smart textiles sense how their users are moving.

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