A new qubit circuit enables the accuracy of quantum computing

The advance brings quantum error correction a step closer to reality.

Computer vision reveals the working of lithium-ion batteries in detail

‘Computer vision’ reveals unprecedented physical and chemical details of how a lithium-ion battery works.

An energy-efficient method for capturing and converting carbon dioxide

Capture carbon dioxide with MIT's electrochemical device for renewable electricity.

A new protocol to extend the life of quantum coherence by 20x

Canceling noise to improve quantum devices.

How to prevent biofilms in space?

Space Station tests show that a surface treatment can help.

Astronomers discovered a rare system containing two long-period planets

The frosty gas giant was discovered in a system that also hosts a warm Jupiter.

Combining deep learning and physics to fix motion-corrupted MRI scans

The challenge involves more than just a blurry JPEG.

Study shows an unexpected role for the immune regulator

STING protein activates cell defense genes and controls immune responses.

Simplifying the construction process for complex materials

Scientists can quickly design many cellular metamaterial structures that have unique mechanical properties.

Engineers created an energy-storing supercapacitor using ancient materials

The device could provide cheap and scalable energy storage for renewable energy sources.

Making sense of cell fate: How cells decide their future

Biphasic JNK-Erk signaling regulates cell senescence after DNA damage

Brain networks use electric fields to store memories

Electric fields coordinate brain networks to encode memories.

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