Leiden University

Darkest ever view of a dense interstellar cloud

The observations have revealed the composition of a virtual treasure chest of ices from the early universe.

Chewing may have played a vital role in the evolution of our face

We do it every day but barely give it a thought.

Growth differences during twin pregnancy have an effect later in life

Unfavorable conditions in the womb can lead to lifelong adverse health effects.

Largest radio galaxy discovered 3 billion light-years away

The finding disproves some long-kept hypotheses about the growth of radio galaxies.

A map of the sky showing over 25,000 supermassive black holes

Most detailed celestial map in the field of so-called low radio frequencies.

Star formation may be halted by cold ionized hydrogen

For the first ever time, scientists have detected ionized hydrogen at the lowest frequency ever towards the center of our galaxy. The discovery emerged from...

A new method to make single photon

Light is a rich wellspring of data. It can shift in color, force, polarization and short or long flashes. Light, as a rule, comprises...

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