Kyoto University

Kyoto University

Scientists identified neural circuits that balance risk vs. reward decision-making

Behind every decision, lies an intricate evaluation process.

Protein interactions unveil molecular insights into Down syndrome

FAM53C identified as a binding partner inhibiting DYRK1A kinase.

Early Earth’s nitrogen most likely came from meteorites

Icy micrometeorites: Nitrogen transport to earth.

Creating stable plasmas using microwaves

Plasma physicists from Ukraine, Germany and Japan collaborate to spark fusion power.

Astronomers observed star ejecting a massive burst of energy and charged particles

A young, sun-like star may hold warnings for life on Earth.

Record-breaking simulation of large-scale structure formation in the Universe

It accurately reproduces the complex dynamics of cosmic neutrinos.

Scientists found an ingredient that makes a vaccine more effective

Vaccine ingredients could be hiding in small molecule libraries.

Earth’s atmosphere is ringing like a bell

Let the atmospheric music play on!

A nuclear periodic table could offer new insights on the building blocks of the universe

Physicists from Kyoto University have unveiled a new nuclear periodic table in which the elements are arranged according to the known nucleonic shells. The...

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