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Study reveals how pregnancy impact breast cancer development

Exploring the connection between pregnancy and breast cancer development.

Antibiotics boost tough bacteria in gut

Antibiotics create a nutrient-rich environment for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Climate distress linked to anxiety and action in youth

The psycho-social impacts of the climate crisis on young people in the UK.

First video of Nobel ‘pressure sensors’ in action at Imperial

Precise imaging of piezo1 activity using genEPi across scales.

A new bio-inspired solar leaf design inspired by nature

A new solar energy design may pave the way for future renewable energy technologies.

Making molecules dance to our tune

A new era in understanding the reactions of protein molecules fundamental for life.

Increasing numbers of children are exposed to e-cigarettes while shopping

Increased awareness and sources of tobacco and e-cigarettes among children.

There is still a role for retired stars in planet formation

Old stars roaming through new star-forming regions could be responsible for a radioactive heat source.

Study finds widespread exposure to drug-resistant fungal spores

Citizen scientists help uncover overall exposure to drug-resistant fungal bioaerosols.

Airplane noise linked to increased heart health hospitalizations

Research explores cardiovascular hospitalizations and deaths near Heathrow airport.

Drones that can detect and map burning buildings and wildfires

Researchers create drone capable of entering burning buildings.

Heat-resistant drones could save lives by entering burning buildings

Using drone in extreme environments provides great benefits to reducing risks to human lives.

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