Heidelberg University

Attracting the Virus towards a Strategic Trap

Ebola Virus VP40 Matrix Layer's Endosomal Disassembly in Membrane Fusion

Astronomers identified unknown class water-rich asteroids

Small planets originate from the edge of our solar system.

A new technology to assemble matter in 3D

Creating 3D objects with sound.

Scientists realized an effective curved spacetime in the lab

Scientists simulated an entire family of universes with curvature in ultracold quantum gases.

Physicists demonstrated magnetic quantum fluid in ultracold atomic clouds

This works much like the cooling of coffee in a cup by blowing on it.

Webb revealed the surprising formation of a massive galaxy cluster

Astronomers looking into the early Universe have made a surprising discovery using the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope. Webb's spectroscopic capabilities, combined with its...

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