Florida State University

Gel-like electrolyte promises new, better type of battery

MagLab research pinpoints factors for better battery design.

Improving EV battery safety with new energy absorption design

Researchers improve the safety and performance of EVs through a new design that protects their batteries.

Studies confirm the theory of superfluid helium

A groundbreaking milestone in studying how vortices move in these quantum fluids.

FSU researchers unveil new model for chemical garden growth

Modeling chemical garden growth in 2 and 3 dimensions.

The great mystery of quantized vortex motion is finally solved

Explaining the interaction between quantized vortices and normal fluids.

How fast did the ancient magma ocean solidify?

This study helps us answer some fundamental questions about the planet.

Exploring the thermal limits of advanced nanomaterials

The first-ever study on how purified boron nitride nanotubes remain stable in extreme temperatures.

Patterns of mass extinction coincided with rapid decrease in marine oxygen levels

This evidence has important implications for modern deoxygenation and biodiversity declines.

In this novel metal, electrons flow with fluid-like dynamics

The findings mark the first discovery of an electron-phonon liquid inside NbGe2.

A better estimate of the amount of carbon in the Earth’s outer core

The work suggests the core could be the planet’s largest reservoir of that element.

An unusual supernova is exploding

A truly unique and strange event.

Study sheds light on nutrient levels in the Gulf of Mexico

Scientists tracked nutrient transport in the Gulf of Mexico.

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